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Meeru Island Resort – Maldives – Review

Booked with Travelbag in the UK
Flights with Emirates

Once again Meeru continues to deliver its legendary service to new and repeat visitors alike.

Resort Transfer:

Easy and quick, 30 minute wait for all the passengers to get their luggage and then a one hour speedboat ride ahead.


Greeted by drums on arrival and a member of staff with our names on a board which gives us the express arrival option as we were repeat visitors.

Again this year a few minor issues which we had to contact reception with during our stay. Sadly, service is still a little hit and miss, you may get somebody more than willing to help you or somebody who doesn’t really inspire confidence that your issue will be sorted. Promising to call somebody back should mean they get called back not sat by the phone waiting for a call that never comes.


This trip we were allocated 107 “Jacuzzi Beach Villa”. I had once again contacted the island prior to arrival with my room request. Good accommodation although as I mentioned last year, the Jacuzzi is looking very worn now, sagging in the middle, buttons worn, pump that takes 10 seconds to kick in and obvious repairs.
Apart from that, these are good rooms on our preferred beach location.

Islands Surrounds:

Kept very clean and tidy. There was some bad weather during our stay which caused quite a lot of leaf fall, this was cleaned swiftly at the first opportunity along with the sea grass that washes up on the shoreline.


Had 3 treatments this time around and they were perfect! Go on treat yourself.


This is where Meeru exceeds expectations. Bar staff in the main are attentive and happy to chat. Mirfan our waiter in the restaurant was again great!


We ate in the newly opened Farivaru restaurant which has more space and a new servery. Food choice was excellent if slightly down on last year but a fantastic choice nevertheless.


Meeru is a great island and its easy to see why so many people choose to return. This being our fourth trip, it seems easy to be more critical of the island and only for this reason will this likely to be our last visit for some time. Would be ever go back, yeah for sure, but its time for a break

Be Mindful and Smile

Its been a few weeks since my last blog entry as yet again Ive been out in the Maldives.

Consequently this weeks post is an easy one.

Taken by me on the 28th Feb 2017 on a Samsung S5.

The photo shows the two stones we picked out before a Spa treatment for the two of us.

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Kagi Island (Maldives)

Well its been quite a while since I posted a photo challenge so here it is.

The following image is of Kagi Island in the Maldives. Kagi used to be home to a small fish processing factory and is now owned by the Crown and Champa group who also own islands such as Meeru, Kuredu and Komando.

An amazing landscape!


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Meeru (Maldives) Visit Number 3

This is the 3rd visit to Meeru and our 10th in the Maldives.

Trip Report below:

Booked with Travelbag in the UK
Flights with Emirates

So, what can I add to all of these reviews (and my previous reviews) that hasn’t been said already?

Meeru continues to hold its high standards in all respects and here is my again unbiased opinion.

Resort Transfer:

Easy and quick, simply locate the Meeru desk, wait a short while and then you will be guided to the speedboat. Around an hour to transfer, take in the sites on the way.


Met by a member of staff with our name on a small sign and guided to express check in where most of our details (some of which required amendment) where already filled in. We travelled with friends who were first time Maldives visitors but they were treated with the same special service as us.
Had to speak to reception a few times about a few minor issues, these will dealt with efficiently.
I must make a point of saying that Marlene was particularly professional and really impressed us with her customer service skills!



Again, I emailed the reservations team about two weeks before arrival to request a particular set of room numbers. We were allocated perfectly within the area we had requested. After the free cruise (more about that shortly) we were allocated 122 which is right on the end of the Jacuzzi Beach Villa run, quite set apart on its own and the best room location we have ever had.
The HiFi system is very dated now and probably requires replacement. TV was just fine for the short time I actually watched it.
Jacuzzi maybe needs a deep clean soon as well.


Island Surrounds:

All kept clean and swept daily. A small amount of flotsam was found in the grass in front of the JBV’s and smokers should be ashamed of themselves! Use the ashtrays provided and not the beach! Both pools again were kept perfect.


We used the spa and had the Full Moon treatment. Well worth the money!



We decided to take the offer of the 3 day cruise aboard the Hagern. The Hagern is a large yacht with 12 cabins. We enjoyed a peaceful time taking in a few snorkelling points and a stop off on Kagi Island. It was nice to see the small uninhabited island once again but please Meeru, invest some more into it, it’s looking a bit rough. We also felt that we didn’t spend much time on Kagi before being ushered back to the yacht. All in all, take the opportunity to do the cruise on either the Kamana or Hagern, its certainly worth doing something a little different on your holiday.



The staff were fantastic in all respects! They just seem to get better and better each time we visit. A special mention to Mirfan (our fantastic waiter) who once again provided an unparalleled service! They are very well looked after by the resort and it’s easy to see why some staff have been at Meeru for many years, lookout for their badges displaying their time on Meeru.


The best selection ever Meeru! You will not fail to find something you will like. The standard and selection during mealtimes has got to be the best we have ever experienced.



Its easy to see why so many guests choose to repeat here as you know time and time again that Meeru will tick all the boxes. Im not going to use the cliche of “we never go the same place twice” because if you like what you like then why not repeat?

Meeru again? Yeah, why not?

Room Tip: Rooms on the western size seem to have more breeze