Meeru Island Resort – Maldives – Review

Booked with Travelbag in the UK
Flights with Emirates

Once again Meeru continues to deliver its legendary service to new and repeat visitors alike.

Resort Transfer:

Easy and quick, 30 minute wait for all the passengers to get their luggage and then a one hour speedboat ride ahead.


Greeted by drums on arrival and a member of staff with our names on a board which gives us the express arrival option as we were repeat visitors.

Again this year a few minor issues which we had to contact reception with during our stay. Sadly, service is still a little hit and miss, you may get somebody more than willing to help you or somebody who doesn’t really inspire confidence that your issue will be sorted. Promising to call somebody back should mean they get called back not sat by the phone waiting for a call that never comes.


This trip we were allocated 107 “Jacuzzi Beach Villa”. I had once again contacted the island prior to arrival with my room request. Good accommodation although as I mentioned last year, the Jacuzzi is looking very worn now, sagging in the middle, buttons worn, pump that takes 10 seconds to kick in and obvious repairs.
Apart from that, these are good rooms on our preferred beach location.

Islands Surrounds:

Kept very clean and tidy. There was some bad weather during our stay which caused quite a lot of leaf fall, this was cleaned swiftly at the first opportunity along with the sea grass that washes up on the shoreline.


Had 3 treatments this time around and they were perfect! Go on treat yourself.


This is where Meeru exceeds expectations. Bar staff in the main are attentive and happy to chat. Mirfan our waiter in the restaurant was again great!


We ate in the newly opened Farivaru restaurant which has more space and a new servery. Food choice was excellent if slightly down on last year but a fantastic choice nevertheless.


Meeru is a great island and its easy to see why so many people choose to return. This being our fourth trip, it seems easy to be more critical of the island and only for this reason will this likely to be our last visit for some time. Would be ever go back, yeah for sure, but its time for a break

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