The Battle of Mount Longdon

Back in December of 2014, I travelled once again to the Falkland Islands. This would be my 4th and final trip.

Again I ventured onto the various mountains surrounding Stanley and made some more video.

The video is at the bottom of the page.

A YouTube user called BARGEWALK replied to one of my videos with a very useful transcript of what events happened during the battle against my 2014 video. Below is that transcript and video.


– about 50 seconds in – the north west corner was where Cpl Milne stood on a mine alerting the Argentinians to the assault. This occurred about 22.00 local

– about 3’30” into the video – the cross seen here was roughly where the Regimental Aid Post was located and where prisoners held

– you walked up the western slope which was where B Company (4, 5 and 6 platoons) assaulted. Whilst this assault went in, A and C Companies were held in 2 lines about 500m north of Longdon

4’50” – these are gullies along which a lot of the initial fighting took place amongst the rocks by 4 and 5 platoons. This is one of the gullies that became known as ‘grenade alley’….Argentinians up in the rocks rolled grenades down at the advancing Paras. At 4’56” the rocks at the very top right – 50 cal machine gun taken out with grenades

– 7’12” as someone else says, location of McKay’s VC action is elsewhere. A proper memorial has been built now in the correct place

– 11’25” Cpl McLoughlin whose leadership that night was instrumental, was killed not here, but near the regimental aid post. He had been severely injured by shrapnel in his back near the bowl on the top and was being helped down the western face when he was hit by an artillery shell.

– 14’20” – you are on the top of the western face – this is where a lot of the action took place over the course of the night with many casualties. Lt Shaw’s 6 platoon had made its way unopposed up the right hand side of the western slope but spent the night fighting here. It took place in a very small area amongst these rocks – no more than 100 meters out from this spot as you look eastward

– 15’54” this is the large bowl which was a focus of the fighting. Argentinian officer in charge of this part of the mountain (called ‘Baldini’) had set up his HQ in the bowl. Probably about 15 troops in here. Paras threw a lot of grenades into the bowl from close quarters causing many casualties. ‘Baldini’ killed here. Later in the night when the Toms were in the bowl, an Argentinian shell hit the back wall (western side of the bowl) causing dead and injured. A lot of action occurred around this area e.g. Argentinian machine gun post taken out amongst the rocks near here with white phosphorous grenade. Arg soldier was completely on fire and ran around this area screaming before being shot to prevent further suffering

– Down the slope from that bowl (northern slope) is a sheep track along which several assaults were made overnight by 4 and 5 platoons to try and outflank and take out .50 cal machine guns dotted along the north facing slope. McKay’s action was down this slope about 100 meters to the east, between the 2nd and 3rd bowl. Incidentally, it was during one of these attacks that the 3 young paras you show at 10’23” were killed on the north facing slope not far from where McKay fell. Those 3 lads went through training together and were all mates. All three died in the same action within a short space of time – one got hit by a .50 cal round and the other two were shot in open ground trying to help, probably by a sniper with night vision sights. There were 3 or 4 other 18 and 19 years olds amongst the dead that night.

– At 16’14” your colleague is near a recoilless gun. An Argentine sniper (called ‘Colemil’) with night sights and two of his colleagues were located next to this gun and inflicted numerous casualties on 6 platoon

– Around 05.00 or 06.00 A Company moved onto mountain up the western slope and up the northern face through the bowl (15’54”), and then moved eastwards down the mountain and cleared it of remaining resistance

2014 Video



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