The Leaving Speech you will never hear.

22 Years and its all over

So, here we are and about time! I don’t do leaving speeches or leaving do’s even to the point where I don’t put cash in others leaving gifts either. Never been fussed about it and I wouldn’t expect anything back from it either, it’s just not me.

This is indeed the leaving speech that you will never hear me speak and if you dont care then don’t bother reading on, you will become bored quite quickly. Do I care about that, well no I couldnt care less in much the same way as I couldnt care less about other peoples leaving speeches. Anyway, if you are bothered then read on, its not going to be a rant laiden piece, just the way I see things.

Am I sad?

Well no, Im not honestly. The only thing I’ll miss about the RAF is some of the people. I have met some genuinely good people who I have admired and will count as friends for life for sure. These are the people who will never let you down and have kept in touch all the way from day one. There are others to of course, some of those are still serving and quite a few have come to the end of their journey as well. There are some outstanding people that I have been lucky enough to work with/for. These people have supported and inspired me to push myself further that I would of ever have otherwise done. I aint gonna blow smoke up anyone’s arse as there is no point, I will keep that list to myself very much like the list of people who have not been so inspiring!

Good, now the bad

On the flip side of course, I have met some absolute cretins! Again Im not going to list names or even give any clues but we have all met them and we know how poisonous these individuals are. These are the people who failed me both personally and professionally and I hold them personally responsible for making not just me ill, but others as well. These were the ones who abandoned me under times of pressure and trouble. These were the ones who failed to understand and inspire me and those around them. These are the ones who are getting paid a good wage for contributing very little to the military. These are the ones who rot the trade from the inside.

  • Personal Achievement: Receiving 2 MAA’s in my last 18 months.

Moving on quickly

Leaving the RAF will be one of the simplest and easiest things Ive ever done. I wont miss the bullshit, fitness tests, MOD1 (or whatever they have badged it as now) and all the other pointless crap you have to do. I will miss however the people, the cheap dining, leave entitlements, gash standowns and banter.

Whats next for me?

Some of you already knew that I was heading into industry and I cant wait. I cant wait because I can finally be creative and actually learn more about IT than I would’ve ever had if Id decided to stay in the RAF.

And finally

Thanks for reading this far and if you have then I thankyou. Its been an enjoyable flight but one I’m glad is to be grounded forever.

Cheers and take care of yourselves!


6 thoughts on “The Leaving Speech you will never hear.

  1. TBH I’m amazed you are still alive and haven’t poisoned yourself by cleaning your cup with flash bleach….

    Love you Hancock xx

  2. This made me quite sad to read 😔

    But I’m so happy your finally able to fly high and spread your wings.

    Your one of the good guys who deserves the best in life.

    I wish you every happiness and success for your future and I’m really pleased to call you my friend.

    Onwards and upwards matey.


  3. It’s one thing I will always be mystified about the airforce….the utter chod that seems to rise to the top!
    I am currently with somebody who refused to carry out pointless shite to his guys because of the demands of a more senior muppet…ever since he has been penalised professionally.
    I watched the same thing happen to Scott D at the radio school and also yourself. However what I do notice about people like you, is that you always seem to do incredibly well in industry, often finding your place in an organisation that can support and develop you….an organisation that doesn’t feel threatened by their workforce building their skills and pushing forward into senior leadership positions. You have been held back and penalised by a pension trap, they have had more from you than they deserve and the RAF lose a talented cyber geek, network ninja and all round good guy….because of some very poor management that has sucked the soul out of your final RAF years.
    The positives are that you will get your mojo back and go on to an exciting new future… get to change the next course of your life….very very exciting 🙂

    1. Wow thanks, indeed it has been a very trying time. I could of said more, been more cutting in my comments even named names but whats the point. Those people will never change and thats that really. Looking forward to being wanted and recognised for my efforts not the opposite. Upwards and onwards.

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