Meeru Island Review

Meeru Maldives, Paradise Found..


Having just returned once again from the Maldives, here is my latest review.

Booked in the UK with Travelbag

Flights with Emirates

Emirates Boeing 777 to Maldives
Emirates Boeing 777 to Maldives

Resort Transfer

Once we had located the Meeru desk at the airport, we had a short wait before boarding the speedboat bound for the resort. Quick and efficient, the journey takes about an hour.


As we walked down the jetty we were welcomed by a member of the Meeru team holding our name. As we were repeat guests, we were taken to one side and given our paperwork to complete. Most of the paperwork was already pre filled out for us so this was an easy process. We were immediately offered the 3 day Kamana cruise (more about this later), an upgrade to All Inclusive Plus, a voucher towards a meal in the Asian Wok (again more about this later) and a half bottle of champagne. For repeat guests this is a very personal service which makes your welcome very special.


I had emailed reservations a couple of weeks before our arrival requesting a Jacuzzi Beach Villa in the 100s, we were allocated villa 120 which was perfect. The rooms are well furnished with a decent TV, however the Stereo system was a little dated and ours didn’t actually work, not that we intended to use it anyway. There is ample storage space for all of your belongings and of course a safe is provided. The bathroom is large and partially open air with the Jacuzzi located outside alongside a couple of sun loungers. The Jacuzzi is a nice touch and we used it every day to either cool down during the heat of the day or to gaze at the stars during the evening time. One very small criticism is the tub itself could do with a deep clean and the cover was very worn.

Jacuzzi Beach Villa

Jacuzzi Beach Villa

Island Surrounds

A great deal of work has been done at Meeru during the 2 and a half years since our last visit and I’ve got to hand it to them, they have done an outstanding job. The sea grass has been carefully removed from the Asian Wok side which has enhance this part of the island. The pool bar on the west of the island has been rebuilt and looks fantastic. The general surrounds have been kept extremely well with due care to the islands natural environment.

The two pools are maintained to the highest standards



We indulged in the Full Moon massage for the two of us and this was a fantastic experience. Gazing down through a glass floor watching fish during the treatment was great and it’s difficult to keep awake! Finished off with champagne on the balcony of the private overwater treatment room. Go on, treat yourself.


We were offered the 3 day cruise on our last visit and decided not to take the offer but we were not going to miss the opportunity again and we were glad we didn’t. We sailed on the Kamana which has 7 guest cabins and a crew of 6. The first day we sailed to Manta Point and then onto a sandbank where we overnighted. The second day we sailed to Turtle Reef and then onto Kagi Island. The evening here was epic with the crew putting on a fantastic meal on the beach followed by Bodaberu where I had the pleasure of showing off my drumming skills. After overnighting, we returned to Meeru with dolphins in tow! It was my Wifes Birthday during this cruise and the card and cake was a very nice touch! This opportunity is amazing and well worth opting for if you get the chance, we were offered it again later in the holiday but we were well settled in our new Jacuzzi Beach villa (118) just a couple of doors down from our first villa. A massive thanks to the boat crew by the way who made this cruise one of the most amazing trips I have ever had the pleasure of doing.


The staff like other islands, make this resort what it is and they are extremely good at what they do from the guy who maintains the surrounds, the bar staff through to our excellent waiter (Mirfan). You can see why so many of the staff have been at Meeru for years in some cases as the management clearly invest and take care of this valuable asset. The fact that our waiter had been at Meeru for over 6 years and stated that he was more than happy to continue to stay is testament. Be polite to them and you will get double the response back.


There is something for everybody at Meeru and that’s a fact. The choice is outstanding and out of the other Maldivian resorts I have been to, Meeru is by far the best in not only choice but quality. You cannot fail to find something to your tastes from Steaks, fish, lamb, veg and even a selection of Asian dishes. You will undoubtedly go back for seconds, we certainly did.

We used our voucher in the Asian Wok and went for a Teppanyaki. Once again this was excellent in not only entertainment value but in the quality of food prepared.


Overall Meeru has got better and better and it’s clear to see why so many people return again and again. It would be very cliché of me to say that I don’t go the same place twice as there is a big world out there but Meeru is the exception to this and we will return, that’s a fact. A massive thanks to all the staff at Meeru for making this the best holiday we have had in the Maldives and see you again soon.

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