Rock to Metal to Techo to Rock

Teenage musical journey

I’ve just watched a BBC documentary called “Forever Young: How Rock and Roll grew up”. This inspired me to share my musical journey between the ages of 12 to 24, twelve years of turmoil and some very broad musical tastes.

Finding Rock

When I was 12 all the lads at school started to wear denim jackets with patches on them of various rock acts, Saxon, Motorhead, Gillan, April Wine to name but a few. I nagged my parents for a similar jacket and then proceeded to stitch my own collection of patches on it, I didn’t even know half of the bands but this was a start.

Jacket with rock patches
Jacket with rock patches

First music

What really kicked it off for me was the purchase of three records.

  • Gillan – Future Shock
  • Motorhead – Ace of Spaces
  • Saxon – The bands played on
My first vinyl
My first vinyl

I borrowed a lot of albums from mates and duly recorded them to cassette tape. I still have a few tapes knocking about but I imagine they are worn out now, I certainly got my moneys worth out of them.


As I was a paperboy, I used to get Kerrang magazine from the Newsagents and I kept on buying this for about 4 years or so from the very early issues upto their 100th issue, I stopped after this as I didn’t like the way the magazine was going, one of the issues was a Punk issue for crying out loud, not what a rocker wanted to read!

1984 Kerrang
1984 Kerrang


I did manage to get along to a few gigs in the mid 80’s. I caught Saxon, KISS and Iron Maiden all in their 80’s glory.

Musical shift to Metal

Then my first shift came, I heard a band called Slayer on BBC Radio’s Friday Rock Show, the track was Angel of Death and this got me hooked into metal. This led me into bands such as Anthrax, Metallica, Slayer and even RATT. OK, so RATT weren’t metal but I liked their tunes and managed to get most of their “Invasion of Privacy” album taped off the radio.

I ventured into town and bought that Slayer album on vinyl by the way.

Slayer Reign In Blood
Slayer Reign In Blood

Musical shift to Techo

This was quite a transition in musical tastes! I remember it well. It was the very late 80’s, it might of been 1990 Im not too sure but I was sitting in my Ford Fiesta XR2 in the driveway at home and just happened to be tuning around with the radio. I stumbled across Key 103 which was a Manchester based radio station. The DJ was a guy called Stu Allan and he was playing some cool dance music. Something resonated with me and from that evening on I couldn’t get enough of this stuff.

Stu Allan
Stu Allan

Clubs and Raving

A very good buddy of mine was into this stuff as well and together along with some other mates we ventured into the wild world of clubbing. Our favorite club was Kinetic in Stoke on Trent which we went every Friday night for two or three years. Managed to catch a very young and fresh Prodigy at this club and our ticket numbers were numbered 6 and 7 we were that keen to see them. This was now the very early 90s when clubs were fun to be at and not shady and full of beer heads as they seemed to turn into as the decade progresses.

kinetic collage

Back to Metal (and Dance)

Eventually I had to get a job and grow up and they demolished the club anyway, well, changed it into something else as people moved on.

I drifted back into Metal but I never let Dance music disappear out of my life completely.

As far as attending gigs are concerned, I still go and see Rock acts and have managed to catch quite a few big groups over the last 20 or so years. As far as Dance music is concerned, its just listening to the old 90’s stuff but no more clubbing, don’t think my fitness levels would keep me dancing all night like I used to do if you know what I mean 😉



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