Daily Prompt: Papa Loves KISS

The Hottest Band in the World

I grew up with the sound of KISS ringing in my ears. They were my favorite band as a kid in the very late 70’s all the way through to the present day.

These photos were taken by me at the LG Arena in Birmingham UK on 5th May 2010 during their Sonic Boom Tour.

Here is my video from the same show:


In response to:


17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Papa Loves KISS

  1. Actually attended a concert in Sydney, Australia in the early 80`s, One of my favourite DVD`s is a live KISS concert were they are playing with the Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra, you wouldn’t think the two would go together, but it absolutely awesome. Seeing the Orchestra and Conductor done up in KISS makeup is quite a sight.

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