Reethi Beach Review – Maldives

Booked in the UK via Travelbag

Flights with Etihad

Resort Transfer

Via TransMaldivian which drops you off on a small pontoon a short Dhoni ride from the island.




Check in was easy, the usual form filling and then we were escorted to our room by a member of the guest relations staff. There were a couple of occasions where we went to reception to request a couple of things, they were OK in the main however we felt we needed to follow up to ensure that our request had been actioned. The Guest Relations staff share the same desk and were very efficient when dealing with enquiries.


We had requested via email a detached standard villa as we were keen for privacy, we didn’t get this instead we got a much better deal in our eyes. We were allocated room 231 which is actually located slightly inland from the beach. With more floor space than a standard villa and more privacy, we were more than satisfied with this arrangement. This did mean however that our sunbeds were clustered at the northern tip of the island along with the Water Bungalows sunbeds. We went to see Guest Relations who suggested we could relocate them to just outside of room 101 which is at the far south of the island. OK, so a short walk was required but we were more than happy to have the large sand spit at the south of the island as our beach.








Island Surrounds

The western side is the most popular as this is where most of the accommodation is located. The sea is calm and the snorkeling access is easy. The North West side of the island has suffered fairly severe erosion exposing the islands sandbag defenses. A small collection of workers constantly battle away to protect the islands edges, this is when of course a small minority of them are not standing idle, smoking, chatting on mobiles and staring at female guests. This was a little uncomfortable to be honest but rare as they spend most of their time out of view. The inland part of the island has been kept very true to nature, leaves are allowed to fall and plant growth is encouraged. Paths are swept constantly and we loved wandering around the interweaving paths. Back to the sea defences, there are some large artificial sandbags located on the southern edges which on first impression might not look too attractive but as they are keeping the sea at bay you get used to them and their abundant sealift which has made this their home.









Bar staff are excellent at both their duties and their interaction with guests. Always looking out to top up your glass they really do make you feel that you are the only people that matter. Waiters go about their task in the same manner as the bar staff.

As I have previously stated, Guest Relations are professional and are clearly trained well. On one occasion we had to raise a matter with the island management who were wholly professional in their approach and it was easy to see why this individual held this position. We felt our matter was dealt with successfully and professionally.


Breakfast didn’t really do it for me I’m afraid. If you enjoy fruit and pastries for breakfast then you wont be disappointed however I prefer a cooked breakfast and what was on offer didn’t really satisfy my requirements. Eggs are cooked to order and you ask for these on being seated, why not have a chef manning an egg station? This way you don’t have to wait around wondering how long your egg order may take. Times varied from 5 minutes to 15 minutes and on one occasion my eggs never made it out of the kitchen.

Lunch and Dinner however were on a different level. Outstanding choice of salads and main dishes with a theme change daily. The scales back home confirmed that I had indeed enjoyed the food on offer.


Reethi is a good value choice and I put it in the same league as Kuredu and Meeru. All these islands have the pros and cons and you have to weigh up which works for you. Good luck in choosing as it’s a hard choice but worth it in the end.

Do the behind the scenes tour if you get change, it amazing how the island gets its power and water!

4 thoughts on “Reethi Beach Review – Maldives

  1. Great review, thanks! But you forgot the most important part: how was the snorkeling? 🙂

    1. Believe it or not I only went the once! I was so relaxed that I kept putting it off. When I did go it was excellent but it was our next to last day so didn’t manage to do any-more. Ill remember for next time.

      1. I love the underwater world, but I completely understand the part about being so relaxed you forget everything else. The Maldives has that effect on you. Glad you had a great time 🙂

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