The Maldives – The Pick Of Our Best 10 Photos

After 7 visits to the Maldives, with the 8th on the horizon, here are our top ten photos from our travels.

5 thoughts on “The Maldives – The Pick Of Our Best 10 Photos

  1. Great pictures! I’m so happy to find someone else that travels to the Maldives frequently 🙂 We have been 5 times and are visiting 4 new islands this summer. Which island is your favorite and why? Hope to see you again soon. Irene

    1. Hi Irene, thanks for the nice comments. Our next island is Reethi which is a new one for us. Got to say our favourite is Maayafushi just because it was our first and the people were amazing. Hard to get to now as all the British Tour Operators pulled out a few years ago now but we live in hope. Where have you been so far and where next?
      Regards, Martin

      1. I’ve heard great things about Maayafushi – mainly the amazing reef and snorkeling there! Would love to visit one day. So far we have visited Kuredu (first island), Athuruga, Angaga, Mirihi and Filitheyo. In June we are going on our honeymoon for 7 weeks (yay!) and visiting Vilamendhoo, Angsana Ihuru, Robinson Club and Reethi. Looking forward 🙂 All the best, Irene

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