Tesco Fajita Meal kit – Horrific

Don't bother, spend the extra on an Old El Passo one instead!
Don’t bother, spend the extra on an Old El Passo one instead!

Cheap and not great

OK, so horrific is maybe a strong word but I won’t beat around the bush here, this product on first impressions is very poor.

We were really looking forward to having this for tea the other night and so I got my Chicken and Creme Fraiche all ready to rock and roll. While adding the seasoning to the Creme Fraiche, rather than it coming out as a powder, it actually came out in one big block of stuck together mush. I did attempt to try and dry it out but that made it worse, suffice to say it ended up in the bin, I did managed to salvage the Creme Fraiche luckily.

The sauce for the chicken wasn’t much better to be honest, it was quite bitter and not like the Old El Paso sauces.

I did fire off a complaint about the product to Tesco Customer Services, they did call me back on the phone and informed me that they would feedback to the supplier as I had given them the batch number of the product.

I did also Tweet to them on getting a refund and got a reply:-

If you would like a refund, you would need to return the packaging and receipt to store at your next convenience.

I said:-

Oh well, guess Ill have to dig it out of the recycle bin. Pity about the rest of the ruined meal that this product was suppose to enhance.

But at this time, nothing has come back.

My advice is pay the extra money for the Old El Paso meal kits, they maybe more expensive but they are a better product by a country mile.

Winner winner, Chicken dinner
Winner winner, Chicken dinner


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