Forced Marriage at 11!


In the name of what?

Browsing through the news today I came across a truly shocking video of an 11 year old girl who had run away from her family as they were attempting to force her into marriage.

What were the reasons for this forced marriage?

Is it for monetary gain?

Is there a religious reason?

It just goes to show that some parts of the world are so far behind the rest that they might as well still be in the stone age.

According to a UK Home Office and FCO report:

Where the age was known, 13% involved victims below 15 years, 22% involved victims aged 16-17

The oldest victim was 71 and the youngest was 2.

The FMU handled cases involving 60 different countries, including Pakistan (47.1%), Bangladesh (11%), India (8%), Afghanistan (2.1%), Somalia (1.2%), Turkey (1.1%), Iraq (1%), Iran (0.9%), Nigeria (0.9%), Sri Lanka (0.9%), Egypt (0.6%), Saudi Arabia (0.6%), Yemen (0.6%), The Gambia (0.5%), Morocco (0.5%), and Ukraine (0.5%). The origin was unknown in 7.7% of cases.

Here is the said video:


3 thoughts on “Forced Marriage at 11!

  1. This is what we call tribalism, not religion. If you read subjects on anthropology, these issues occurred irrelevant of religion. And if religion was involved it consists of ALL faiths or some sort of deity worship.

  2. Marriage is a union between two genders, man and woman. It was always there, however the Abrahamic religions brought a moral and obligatory value to it with human rights. The problem is, these rights are not known to many people, as they are still stuck in the gender tribal era Even in rural tribes where these religions never reached, they had a similar custom of man and woman union, with major age gaps for both genders. Just read subjects on marriage practices in tribes. Some of the practices are quite extreme or similar to the above and also many tribes had different customs, so I cannot specify a certain act. Just read this and see how women were used and now compare it to something like this. Thanks

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