EDL in Crewe

Bugger off home
Bugger off home

A surprising sight

While navigating Tesco doing the weekly shop I noticed a chap stood by the till with an EDL shirt on.

Having not had the pleasure of meeting one of these guys in public before it took me a little by surprise.

You only ever seem to see them either making a noise in the middle of Stoke on Trent or hijacking the good will of our Armed Forces, the latter one really gets up my nose as I can assure you that the UK Armed Forces doesn’t really support them.

He looked the angry type, glaring around at everyone, his heavily tattooed arms resting on the bread and beer he was buying.


Now I did want to ask him a few things but didn’t fancy the mither in the middle of the shop and the Wife wasn’t all that keen on a Q and A.

I wondered if he was going to eat the bread, after all, the bakery in Crewe Tesco is manned by a lovely Polish girl.

Why didn’t he use the till further down that the Sri Lankan lads were using, why be so far away from them.

Was that cheap t shirt made in England?

If you fell ill would you refuse to be taken care of at Leighton Hospital where its a very high chance that you would be treated by an Indian Doctor?

What do they want?

Here are a few lines from their Q and A.

  • We are an inclusive movement dedicated to peacefully protesting against Islamic extremism.
  • British Muslims need to recognise that being part of this country means embracing freedom and democracy, and rejecting extremism.

So there seems to be a anti Islam theme to all of this, no mention of any other religions or nationalities.

However here is member Britannicus’s bio:

About me: Roman Catholic, Anglophile, MBA, pretty much down to earth… – and into Splendid Isolation – we stay in Europe, Muslims stay in their part of the world! Ahhh – and, yes, East (SIC)Europeans’d better (SIC)retur

I’ll let you make up your own mind.

Watch out for the Muslamic Raycams!

I was going to showcase a video from their website but I don’t want to give them a platform like I wouldnt give any political platform to anybody. I’m not having a go at the EDL, they can exercise their right to do what they like as far as I’m concerned however watch out for the raycams.


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