What’s with the lasers?

If you have been watching the events unfold in Egypt over the last few days you will have not failed to noticed the amount of lasers and fireworks being used?

OK, I’m happy with the fireworks to a point, they look great if not a little dangerous in such a crowded place.

My main concern but obviously not the protesters, is the use of the laser devices that are being waved around.

Rave on
Rave on

As you can see from the introduction video, these are being fired at aircraft and it makes me wonder how the pilots deal with such a dangerous distraction?

There have been some serious incidents at many UK airports over the last few years with one person being blinded for 15 minutes and they were actually on the ground!

I myself on approach to Bangkok airport have seen a laser pointed at the aircraft that I was a passenger in!

Its very easy to get your hands on some of these very powerful handheld laser devices. For about 300 US dollars you can get one that is certified as a class 4 laser. Now I have no idea what that means but if I said that the beam has a distance of just over 100,000 meters (380,000 feet) then Im sure you can guess the levels of power here?

Imagine catching a glimpse into your eye from one of these devices?

Lets hope this is a passing phasephase and not something we see regularly on the streets.

Protest by all means but be safe ehh?

Be warned
Be warned

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