No such thing as a Miracle

Two miracles? Really?
Two miracles? Really?

John Paul II to be made a Saint

The lastest news to come out from the land of make believe or in other words, The Vatican is that due to Pope John Paul II’s intervention, two miracles have occurred.

The first one is the apparent cure from Parkinsons of a French nun and the second miracle is somewhat lacking in detail at present.

Miracles by the hand of God quite simply don’t happen, fact. He does not exist in the first place and if you can give me clear cut evidence to the contrary then please do.

Miracle versus real science

I have no doubt that most of the so called miracles from the past will now have a scientific reasoning behind them. Miracles are just used to describe something that we don’t really understand yet and so attributing them to some sort of God would be a good way of giving it a very thin veil of reasoning. In other words, we don’t understand why and it scares us a little then it must be God? Oh yeah, and don’t forget that one of the core elements to religion is fear but you knew that already right?

Do some good for once

So if the Catholic church want to do some good then stop making up stories and start helping those actually in real need. How about recognising the victims of abuse, be more realistic on birth control perhaps and stop contributing to the birth of millions of people born into complete abject poverty with no real future, oh, and don’t forget the spread of AIDS.

Religion no doubt can be of great comfort to people who need it but remember, its a belief system not something that is based on factual evidence alone.

Oh I see now.
Oh I see now.

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