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1) Bore off Brady, nobody really cares



Its interesting to see Brady in the news again of late, for those who have not seen my views on this drain on the taxpayer then see this post from me which I wrote sometime ago now.


According to the BBC, Brady has lost his bid to be moved to a standard prison and will remain in a secure hospital.

My “Keep him ALIVE” post has attracted quite a few hits over the last couple of weeks ago based on the keywords used. Hopefully a few people agree with my point of view, if they don’t then thats fine as well.

2) Blog for money


I did notice that I had a few accounts follow me, I decided therefore to give them a quick glance to see who these were.

2 of my 8 followers seem to be blogging for money. Now I don’t have a problem with this at all, whatever floats your boat I suppose. What does get me a bit is the fact that they are more than likely following me not because they have a genuine interest in what I have to say but to attempt to advertise their money making scheme in the hope that others will be led to their website and go along with what they are trying to hawk about.

Maybe I will be proved wrong? Maybe they are interested in little ole me and my musings?

Let see?

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