Why doesn’t Argentina ever give up?

Well, I woke this morning to see the following headline..

UK prime minister rebuffs Argentina over Falklands

Looks like old pie face is up to her old tricks again?


Old Pie face herself

It’s quite clear to me that they just don’t get it, ever! It’s the same old story with Argentina, have a bit of a domestic issue and then try to cheer everybody up and deflect attention by banging the Malvinas drum again!

Cameron has yet again robustly defended the islands request to self-determination which in fact is a UN resolution, ironically she is trying to use a UN resolution herself in her poor attempt at getting some form of negotiation under-way.

Pie Face rambles on about colonialism, oh yeah yeah, we have heard this all before and funnily enough  isn’t this exactly the type of tactic she is trying to employ to get her hands on the islands once again, seems very ironic indeed?

Ha ha, we all remember their Olympic advert of the geezer running through the streets of Stanley? Funny that they guy didnt even make the Olympic team in the end, massive fail there.

In fact if anybody has a claim, it’s the Dutch! They were potentially the first to land on the islands anyway! You don’t see our clog wearing neighbours jumping on the bandwagon? No of course not, I think they are quite content with their windmills and tulips anyway. 😉

Old Pie Face goes on to say “The Question of the Malvinas Islands is also a cause embraced by Latin America and by a vast majority of people and governments around the world that reject colonialism” Really, I don’t think it is now is it? I know Chile are well pissed off about it, in fact I think a lot of the population of these other countries really couldn’t care less anyway despite what their governments might say.


Two Sisters the morning of my hike.

Pie face also knows that she doesn’t posses the military strength to attempt to take the islands by force any-more now anyway. Her forces havent seen any investment for over 30 years and in fact they still fly the same aircraft!

Fighting hawk

Fighting Hawk

Of course, its unlikely that they would mount another military operation like the attempt in 1982, firstly as stated, they don’t have the resources and secondly there is Mount Pleasant to contend with and enough resources in place to deal with it anyway.

Luckily we would no longer see the scenes of destruction inflicted by the Argentine forces who treated the islands like shit anyway. Who can forget them shitting in the streets of Stanley or wiping their arses on stamps, oh yeah, they used the Post Office as a latrine! Who could forget that they locked the population of Goose Green in their community hall for days on end? What about the hundreds of Argentine conscripts that were abused by their own officers? They dont deserve to be there as they cant even look after their own affairs!

bunker longdon

Argentine bunker on the slopes of Mount Longdon

So then Pie Face, keep yer eyes on your own country, it needs all the help it can get at the moment.

I never met anybody in the Falklands who wanted to be part of Argentina and the sign in the gift shop window in Stanley says it all. Oh, if you dont know what it reads then I suggest you pop over and have a read for yourself!!


On the summit of Mount Tumbledown the morning I met Rob Lawrence MC

rob lawrence

Rob on the summit the same afternoon. (Note the improved weather)

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