Gamble your way out of a recession?


Obviously over the festive period I’ve managed to catch quite a bit of TV, not that the programming this year has been any good. I’m sick of seeing Morecambe and Wise repeats and who can forget Lee Evans on the Comedy channel every single night repeated? Anyway, I digress, maybe Sky’s repeats are for another blog another day?

What I have noticed of late is the amount of gambling adverts running in between programs!

It seems that there are at least two adverts run during every ad break, didn’t think that was true huh? Once you have read this, you will notice them to.


I’m sick of seeing the really bad actor watch a football match and then gambling on his phone at the same time, surly this isn’t real lift is it? Do people really sit watching the football betting on the result while the match is in progress? I must be missing something here?


Now, look at the utter twat above, he is the guy who is attempting to sort out our debts. 46% of people borrowed on credit this last Christmas, hardly a country flush with money is it?

Now, I’m sensible enough not to spunk out money on a gambling site on the premise that I’ll make a few quid here and there. BUT, I have no doubt that there are some folk out there who will think this is a great idea considering that a lot of sites are offering 25 quid here and there free if you deposit a few pounds in return. What a bargain, I’ll just put in a tenner and they will give me 25 for nothing, I’m making money already!

The government must be making money out of this? In a country that’s in debt, why not allow the vulnerable to gamble away their money on the remote chance that they will be making a profit. The only people making a profit out of this are the bookmakers!


Got to admit, I was tempted to give the on-line Bingo a bash but the Wife pointed out that its just for old biddies sipping Lager and Lime and a pack of 10 Berkeley, so I sacked off the idea.

So just keep an eye on TV adverts, that’s if you don’t mute them anyway, and you will see how the rise of the gamblers takes hold!

As the graphic says, Its only a gambling problem if you’re losing.

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