Cheat your own people (Stoke on Trent Council)








Stoke on Trent city council has just announced £21 Millon pounds worth of cuts to local services.

To see the BBC News article click here

Sounds shocking yeah? Well yes of course it is, front line services will suffer and yet another care home will close with no doubt major disruption for its elderly residents, some of which may suffer badly for it.

Dont forget the loss of another 200 jobs!

Shall we blame the Tory government for these cuts or is there another party to blame for all of this?

Just forget about the Bankers causing all of this mess in the first place, oh and forget about austerity from the government as well!

Did you realise that some individuals living in Stoke On Trent haven’t paid any council tax for over 8 years?

Now, if I was to do that I would save £12000! Thats a cool 12K in my pocket and not given to my local authority for upkeep of front line services, the Police, refuse collection etc etc.

A recent BBC documentary showed one bloke “forgetting” he had to pay his council tax and then being staggered that he owed over £8000! The amusing thing was that he was actually let off for the money owed! No wonder there are cuts.

Why not employ an army of Bailiffs to collect the debt then? Ah, yes, what a great idea!  Problem here is that they do actually employ Bailiffs but they have not been authorised to take goods from the people that owe so what’s the point!

So in summary, send a word of thanks to the lazy gits in your society who wont or cant be arsed to pay their way like the rest of us and when your local council cut your critical services, you know whos fault it is!