Invisible cyclists risk injury

Get some lights pikey!

As the Summer draws to an end and the light in the evenings gets shorter, it starts to highlight the amount of cyclists doing the rounds about town. I’m all for that, using the bike to get to and from work etc etc, but what annoys me is the fact that you don’t tend to notice them in the dark when they don’t have any lights or reflective gear.

Driving back from picking up the Friday takeout, I nearly “took out” more than just KFC and a portion of Fish and Chips. These clowns fall into the following categories:

A: No lights, no reflectives, no helmet.

Generally these are either badly brought up kids or pikey youths. No road sense whatsoever, in fact they spend most of their time riding down the pavement and usually in groups.


B: One light, no reflectives, no helmet.

Ah, no clearly some thought had gone into their personal safety here. They have achieved this by going into the shed (or somebody else’s) and finding a bike light. Just the one mind and its usually the front light and whoever owned it before used it as a makeshift torch. They are sometimes lulled into a false sense of security knowing at least they have a light to light the way ahead.


C: Both lights, no reflectives, no helmet. (OK I cheated with the picture of a twat on a bike with reflectives but no helmet)

Here they have popped into Halfords and actually used some of their dole money to buy some lights. As they are a bit skint, they opt for just the lights only in the blind hope that to avoid getting injured in the first place they can take a risk and at least have something that indicates where they are.


D: No lights, no reflectives, but they do have a helmet.

Clever these ones are! They are prepared not to be seen but at least if they do get hit or fall off, they can mitigate the injury by wearing a helmet.


There are some that do have the full kit on and can be easily seen by all but sadly (I should know) this isn’t enough, sometimes and for some reason white van and bus drivers cant see shit all else on the road anyway so it doesn’t matter if you stand out like a sore dick, they aint gonna notice ya anyway.

This country OK, Brazil, very bad!