Stinking Chav Mothers

I’m smoking a fag!

Just had myself a nice tea out with some work associates, towards the end of the evening I popped outside to give my wonderful Wife a quick bell on the old dog and bone. As I walked outside to get a phone signal I was greeted with the smell of dirty tab smoke. Those that know me personally will know that I don’t particularly like tab smoke for reasons I wont go into here. What made this episode totally abhorrent was the site of two Chavvy looking girls both smoking with a small child in a pushchair sat in between them. In fact the slightly fatter one of the two, I think it was the one that was sitting on the pavement with the pink muscle type vest on (a bit like the photo above) was actually puffing away at the same level as the poor kid sat in the pushchair!


Yeah but, no but, yeah but no but.. yeah fag butt

Now to me, dressing like a third rate pikey is bad enough, sitting on the pavement outside a Chinese takeaway makes it worse but smoking at the same time and right next to a kid in a pushchair is well taking the piss. It makes me sad that these uneducated clowns can either A: be spending their cash on feeding their fat arses with takeaway food, and B: doing something else that they must clearly know is wrong? Or is it that they dont really care? Bet its the latter?

People like that dont deserve to bring kids into the world in the first place and the fact that they treat them like that makes them even less fit to be parents.

This country! (Alan Partridge style)


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  1. You need a license to drive, even a license to fish…but you don’t need a license to breed. Shocking

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