Ian Brady – Keep him ALIVE

Too late Brady you shithouse!

Now, I thought that might get your attention?

Sadly today Saturday 18th of August 2012, Winnie Johnson (Keith Bennett’s Mother) passed away from Cancer. The tragic part of all this is that she will now never be able to put her son to rest. This all on the back of talk that letters revealing the potential whereabouts of Keiths remains were written by Brady and given to one of his dumb associates.


Winnie Johnson

Fair play to Winnie, she never gave up hope that one day she would be able to be reunited once again with the son so cruelly taken away from her.


Selfish and attention seeking!

Now back to my headline of keeping him alive, well why not? Brady has been on hunger strike now for years but he is kept alive by forced feeding. I say keep him alive and let him suffer until he dies of either old age or something more painful! Let him starve to death would be a victory for him and him only, nobody else. I’m more than happy to see my taxes go on keeping him alive to live out the rest of his days in prison and having to live with what he has done. OK, so he might not be that bothered about all the fuss but frankly I couldn’t care less what he thinks because it does really matter anyway does it?

He certainly is my wanker of the week!

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