More Facebook woes with yet more adverts

“The harder it is for me to close your adverts, the more I hate your product!”

Remember the days when logging on and using Facebook used to be enjoyable? Many an hour spent catching up with old buddies, uploading old photos and having a laugh about them? Yeah, you remember them days? Feels like a long time ago now doesn’t it?

Do you remember when Facebook adverts weren’t rammed down your throat at every available opportunity? Ahh, the days when Facebook didn’t tell me what shit product somebody liked or the time when Facebook didn’t try and sell adult dating to me when I’m already happily married for fucks sake!


Ahh the days when angry birds wasn’t a game but two women really pissed off!

Unfortunately them days might be a distant memory with the recent announcement that Facebook will trial feeding adverts into your news-feed irrespective of whether you like the product or not.

Facebook have been quoted as saying “We want to be thoughtful about how we introduce ads in news feed, so we have limits in place to ensure that people’s news feeds are not filled with advertising, but we don’t have specific numbers to share.” It’ll be watching reactions to assess whether to roll out the ad unit”

Let be honest, nobody is going to like it, everybody hates changes and even more people hate adverts!

This is on the back of a near 50% share price fall!

Facebook's share price took another tumble yesterday. On thursday, staff will be eligible to sell stock as their 'lock in' period ends.

I know a few people now that have sacked Facebook off and moved to other forms of social media. I for the meantime like to keep active because I’m just plain nosey but I now post a blog entry rather than a post, you can either ignore it or engage and I’m more than happy with that out come.

Ill tell you for one thing folks, you will never get adverts on my blog!


Oh one more thing, watch how to piss off a FROG!