Obese and its the persons fault.

One wafer thin mint sir?

Right then, I’m not having a go at people who don’t have a choice, sure it might be due to a medical condition like a Thyroid issue or something else that causes them to be overweight,  but this is about the fat and lazy. See, I put fat AND lazy together because without the two, the above picture shouldn’t on the balance of things really happen.

Now, if you are going to lard it up at every opportunity then take a look at some of the things below and learn something from it because its not fair on the rest of us.


1. The Gunt

Now for those who have never heard of this term before it really should be self explanatory. Its basically as shown above as a large flap of fat that hangs down more that it really should.

Definition as follows: Bulging area found on large older women between the waist and the genital area. Not quite a gut, not quite a c*nt… The Gunt.

Not a good look.


2. Tight belt tucked in shirt

Not my favourite look to be honest but one that older gents seem to perfect. Sometimes seen with an added bonus of a mobile phone clipped onto the belt or even worse, a set of house keys.

This also reminds me of John Prescott and something that Lee Evans once said. If you pulled hard enough on Prescotts tie he would turn him into a string of sausages!


3. Fat kids

There really is no excuse for this one is there? My old Mum used to say that this amounts to child abuse. She had a point, feeding kids with unhealthy processed food shouldn’t be allowed and I personally feel that once they start on in life like this, they continue into adulthood.

Ill leave you with this thought:

FAT = Substance the rich half of the world is trying to lose and the poor half wants to gain.