Sub human scum, get bummed in Prison.

Stuart Hazell and Tia Sharp

You orrible barstard!

Finally, the old bill charge Stuart Hazell with the murder of Tia Sharp.

This toothless pikey is heading for a rough time for the rest of his worthless and pointless little life. I have no doubt there will be some people in prison looking forward to meeting Mr Hazell and showing him the ropes, or should that be showing him the soap?


I dinner doo eet guvner!

Its also amazing that just like Huntley, this thing could go on TV and lie through his couple of teeth that he was helping to find Tia but in fact he know all along what the real truth was. You lying scumbag!


Peter Kay lookilikey!

Let me end my rant by mentioning the Grandmother, Peter Kay impersonator Christine Sharp. You cant tell me that this women (a Grandma! can you believe that? No I couldn’t either) didn’t know anything about this situation. Now, I don’t know about you but if the missus had hidden a body under my stairs, I think I might of noticed even despite the amount of smelly candles that get burnt in this neck of the woods.

Its gonna be interesting to see how this case pans out.

Stay safe.