Dressage an Olympic sport? Really?

Rafalca, ridden by Jan Ebeling of the US in the Dressage Grand Prix

Dancing horses a sport?

Now, before you horse lovers jump down my throat, I’m not against horses in anyway apart from them scaring the shit out of me from time to time at football matches and the like, but is Dressage really an Olympic sport, in fact is it a sport at all?

What level of athletic skill does it take to get ole Neddy to skip and dance on the spot etc etc? Now of course the guy or gal that sits on top clearly has quite a bit of input into what Neddy is doing but at the end of the day its Neddy that’s doing all the bloody work! Well done here’s a sugar lump for all you efforts!

Maybe we could include Darts, Pool, Snooker or Shin Kicking into future games to spice things up a bit?

No wait, what about Dressage Snooker? The rider has to trot around a raised snooker table and play a full game, now that I would pay to watch. That and Monkey Tennis of course!