Athletics win, football loses again!

Golden girls.

Let me just start off by stating that even if you didn’t really think that the Olympics was going to be any good (yes, I was one of them), you couldn’t fail to be moved by the outstanding success of the cyclists and track athletes on Saturday the 4th of August 2012. The most successful day for GBR for over 100 years, that’s some achievement!

However, wasn’t it a shame that our mens football team couldn’t show the passion and belief to push on and win against a team from Asia that ranked 28th in the world.

Underachieved again.

I cant believe I sat through and forced my Wife to sit through 90 minutes plus extra time of one of the most stale football matches I have seen for a long time.

Where was the passion, the blood sweat and tears. The hope of a nation to spur you on to greatness. You would of thought that the news of other athletes securing gold would be enough to push you on to success!

Sadly none of this happened, all we got was a Heath Robinson of a team with over the hill and never heard of players mashed together to form  some sort of “it will do” team.

Beckham against Greece.

This was part of the missing link for me and others. Where was Beckham? Surely the combination of Pearce and Becks would of installed the passion required to lift the GBR team to a point where they would of gone out and attempted to battle to the very end?

Again, sadly this was not to be and yet again our country goes back to watching the home nations tick along with overpaid players who are more interested in the next model of Aston or Audi they are going to buy at the weekend.


So there you have it, we all had a sneaky at the back of our minds that the football would be toss but we never would of thought that the rest of the Athletes would put in such an amazing performance.

I salute you!