Chloe Sims, shocking role model

Rounded character: Chloe Sims visited a plastic surgery in London to have a consultation about her impending buttock implants, yesterday

Shocking role model, not just for kids, anybody!

What a bloody mess! Why on earth do they do it to themselves?

Is this Z celeb got some sort of beauty issue or is there something else going on here? I personally don’t find these big pouty collagen injected lips attractive in the slightest, in fact I don’t know anybody who does!

To me it looks like she has either had a slap around the chops, a bad spot on the lip or an insect bite. I cant understand why you would actually hand over your cash for somebody to do this to you on purpose!

Whats going on down there?

Clearly with Chloe, having insect bite lips isn’t quite enough and it looks like the old bangers have had a pump up as well. Do I also detect that she has had some work done to her grid as well? The ole teeth look a bit too white as well!


Before and after?

I know its a bad photo to compare but be honest, the one on the left wins everytime!

Arse implants! £5000

According the the Daily Mail (Could be bollocks), she is going to have some arse implants! This surgery is gonna cost about £5000!!!

I really do think Chloe needs to step back and have a word with herself before she ends up looking like this:

I rest my case!