BTCare to the rescue. 08452867376

BTCare on Twitter to the rescue.

So then, an end of an era and hopefully the end of nuisance sales calls for now?

BTCare contacted me and we agreed that a number change would be the best way forward to rid me of this appalling harassment by the buffoons at 08452867376! These if you remember are the idiots that think that you are going to buy their completely useless SKY BOX insurance! What numpty would do that?

So it remains to be seen whether or not we end up in this situation again? Its all a bit of a relief to be honest with you, we have had none stop calls to our number for the last 5 years despite being on TPS etc etc.

So once again, thanks to BTCare via Twitter for helping us out with the minimum of hassle. This is why I stick with BT as if you really want something sorting out then they are more than willing to help you, as long as you speak to the right people that is.

And to those clowns at 08452867376.. ha ha, we won and you didn’t! You havnt even got the balls to give your shitty little company a name and there’s no surprises there? I dont think that “Buy my crap useless insurance” would be a name you could easily advertise anyway?

My advice for nuisance calls is:

  • Contact BT and investigate the possibility of adding on extra calling features like anonymous call reject. These come at cost mind.
  • Register with the TPS, it does work and you can complain about repeat offenders.
  • If you are getting hassled then log a complaint with OFCOM
  • As a last resort, request a number change. There is a £25 charge but you might be able to negotiate something?
  • If its really bad, get the Police involved.