Cold calling phone hassle. 08452867376

Incident raised with BT

Well, you would think that after seven, yes seven calls in one day from the same company, that they may have got the message by now? Nope, once again today Monday 30th, they have called a further two times. Now, its only early afternoon so Im guessing they might just squeeze another one in by the end of the day?

For those missing the point here see my previous post:

08452867376 now Piss Off!

This annoying company are still attempting to sell me some crap insurance that I have absolutely no interest in purchasing! Do they really think after over 22 phones calls I’m really gonna say “ahh what the hell, Ill buy it”?

The amusing think here is that everybody I discuss this with end up saying pretty much the same thing, “If my Sky Box goes U/S, Ill just get another one from Sky”.

So as it stands, I have now made BT aware that this is amount to hassle via the phone and I have raised an incident for the to investigate. If they continue to hassle me I may have to take further action because nobody should have to put up with it.

If you were elderly and lived alone, would you like it? Not saying Im either, but you get my point.

Watch this space….

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