08452867376 now Piss Off!

Go on, Piss Off!

This bloody phone number must ring me three times a day on average. In fact today they have called me 5 times, yes, 5 bloody times!

Now what on earth can be so important and vital that they are so desperate to contact me? Well, apparently my Sky box needs insurance isncase it breaks! Oh go on, pull the other one, do you really think I’m going to hand over my cash to some random company that calls me out of the blue repeatedly, doesn’t even know my name and even claims that “this is the first ever time we have called you”!

I would strongly urge that if you see 08452867376 flash up on your home phone please please please ignore it or cancel it and tell them to “Piss Off”, I did and it made me feel much better.

Don’t think they will ever stop in their relentant pursuit of some mug who is willing to spunk out money on their completely useless product, do you?

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