SKY increases prices by 7% and Gods gold fillings!

Well, I suppose they said that they would have to raise prices at some point and that point in time is around about now. Sky’s excuse this time is as follows:

“This is to ensure that we can give you TV that you can’t get anywhere else and the latest technology so that you can watch the entertainment you love whenever and wherever you choose.”

Oh well, fair point I suppose but you have to wonder how much are you really prepared to keep on paying Sky for what essentially is just an average PVR box? I personally will stick with it for now until I’m sick of seeing the same old shit repeated over and over again. Saying that, I am very partial to Sky Arts!

If you haven’t looked at the listings for the two arts channels then may I suggest you give it a whirl? There really is some cracking stuff on there and its not just arty shit either. There are some great music documentaries, and loads of other random stuff which is very interesting.

I don’t really like all the sports channels, movie channels and all the other toss that’s on there but let me also point out that if you want a good snigger then pop some of the religion channels on and listen to some of the drivel the Americans seen to put out!

Just a bit more on a channel that I stumbled by the other day whilst channel surfing. The name escapes me now but basically there was some bloke that was stating that God had filled his mouth with gold fillings! Now I’m sorry but I’ve never heard such a crock of shit in my life. Why on earth would this happen, why?

Ill leave you with this from ship of fools editor Simon Jenkins-

“Many will be thinking, why is God concerning himself with peoples fillings, while there is such serious trauma in the world. They are bound to as, hasn’t God ot anything better to do?”

I despair!

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