40Mph HGV's, why so slow?

Well, spent most of tonight stuck behind a HGV doing 40 Mph, who on earth decided that this was a good idea and why?

Now I’m sure some people will say its all about the road safety element and all that bollocks but I tend to disagree with this. From my experience and believe you me, I get stuck behind them quite a bit, most drivers will at some point risk overtaking just to get back to the speed of the road, which in my case is mostly 60 Mph anyway. We of course never plod along at 40 anyway because as cars overtake and slow down to fill the gaps left, we all speed up and then slow back down to 35 ish and then back to 40ish once the gaps are filled back again. Its a constant speed up and slow down type of action which has me popping through the gears too much for my liking.

There isn’t any consistency either, some trucks stick at 40 and others 56. I love the 56’ers, that’s a nice speed to sit at, my fuel consumption is acceptable and there is no need for me to take any risky overtakes.

Yet again I suspect its some bloody “do gooder” making these rules up.

I suspect its the same chap who came up with the “Community Speed” check idiots that pretend to play Police! Now Ill save that rant for another time.

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