UK Border Agency to boot out ex Soldier!

Isimeli Baleiwai in Iraq

Isimeli Baleiwai

Isimeli served our country for 12 years including tours in Afghan and Iraq. He is also currently married to a UK National.

Now you are wondering what on earth this guy has done to warrant such poor treatment?

The only thing this bloke has done to tarnish his record is to have a fight with a colleague, something we have all either thought about doing or have actually done during our time serving. I know lads that have broke the law for all sorts of things but as long as they serve their punishment then jobs a good un, free to carry on life as normal. Not Isimeli, the boredom, err I mean the Border Agency stated, “This involves consideration of a range of factors including unspent convictions, whether passed by military courts or resulting from police involvement.” In other words, you have been a naughty boy, you weren’t born here so bugger off!

Isimeli has written to No 10,  The Labour Party and even the MOD but to date he has not received a positive response.

So while we keep on admitting migrants with criminal records and individuals with clouded histories, we continue to isolate and forget about our veterans!

Id love to link to a support site for this article but alas there is nothing we can do.

Good luck Isimeli!


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