Smug? Oh yes.

Simon Harwood

PC Simon Harwood, smug as fook.

How in the world wide world of sports has PC Simon Harwood managed to be a copper for so long ehh?

In fact, he retired after about 5 or so years and then joined back up within days. Now you cant tell me that he just decided to sack it in only to have a massive change of heart days later and rejoin another force?

Now, I think the cops do a great job but as in all organisations there is always one bad apple that continues to get away, err with murder.  The Armed Forces are the same, there are some utter buffoons that get away with utter incompetence on a daily basis but they get away with it nonetheless.

Here are a few of Harwoods behaviour achievements.

  • A fellow police officer complained that Harwood grabbed a suspect by the throat, punched him twice in the face and pushed him into a table, causing it to break.
  • Assaulting a driver after a road rage incident, and then altering his notes afterwards.
  • A member of the public reported seeing Harwood kneeing a man in the kidney while he was handcuffed to the ground.

In fact there were about 9 in total  not including the Ian Tomlinson incident.

So there you have it, basically, carry on being crap at your job because nobody gives a toss. This seems to work for the Police, Military and teaching to name but a few.


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