Olympics, is it worth it?

So with our so called “World Class Event” nearly upon us I’ve been digging around to see what’s doing the rounds in the news.


US Team uniforms made in China! – Those yanks love them commie bastards anyway deep down? Half of the states is owned by the Chinese anyway so what’s the big deal. Thats international collaboration for you.


Floral Bolt tribute

Bolts statue facing the wrong way! – WTF? does this really matter at the end of the day?  Birmingham Council responded: ‘It is just a floral representation, next you’re going to tell me the face doesn’t look like him.’


Beckham not in Team GB - the right or wrong decision?

Beckham not in Olympic squad – Its a real shame as I think having Becks in the squad would of at least help to sell some of the 700,000 tickets that they couldn’t shift.  What happened to all the spare tickets by the way? Should of just give them all away for nothing.

Oh by the way, the Japan ladies team had to fly Economy while the men flew business!


Queues at Heathrow

Border staff and Train Drivers to strike! – Just another fine example of people being pissed off because the UK Govt keeps either cutting pay, pensions or both. Of course some ministers are saying how irresponsible this is. Well, I’m sorry, I’m fully behind these guys because if you don’t take any action the govt will just carry on walking all over you.


Ryan Hall


And finally – Ryan Hall, 29, listed that GOD was his coach on a standard drug test he gave after coming in second at the U.S. half-marathon championships. “One step by itself doesn’t mean anything, but you put all those steps together and it’s absolutely miraculous what your body can do,” Hall told USA Today. “So sometimes I don’t even like to think about how fast I run … because it just seems totally impossible, but it’s just a testimony to the amazing bodies that God has given us.”

Run Forrest run…

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