G4S, what a shocker!

So then, the Boss of G4S, err well one of them, gets a right roasting by a collection of very angry MP’s!

Serves them bloody right really, the G4S mob that is! I’m gob smacked that a company that quite clearly does security pretty well around the globe took on a massive contract that was out of its depth. Was it all about the money? They have certainly took a hit on this one, its 10% of their profits out of the window.

The worst part of all this is the armed forces that yet again have to dig the govt out of the shit. They did this during the Fireman’s strike remember? If fact it seems like the Armed Forces are digging the govt out of the shit on quite a few occasions.

Am well looking forward to see how the voting goes in the next general election, pity it was so far away.

Oh, one last thing, the Olympics didnt do the Greeks much good now did they?

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